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by Allanchanly
Ebook of Steve Jobs: A Biography

> Easy to view the book content
> Bookmarks feature, will remember the exact position when you add the bookmark, not just the target...
by vamsipriya
Most of us don't know about what is interview.So from this app we can know that what is interview,types of interviews,rounds in interview,Do's and Don'ts,tips for successful interview and most...
by chandrakanth
This app contains best job searching websites. People can use this websites in the internet for searching jobs easily.
by India Pvt Limited
Find the Right Job with’s Magic Search technology now on your Windows device. Now you can search for the right job on your mobile and receive real time job alerts on the go. Not only...
by Individual Software
Job Feeder provides push notifications of the latest job listings right to your desktop or tablet. This advanced search tool alerts you of new jobs based on your personal search criteria and...
by Shubham Tuli
This app "Interview Wizard" helps the students in performing well at interviews.In this app,
their is a collection of tips that are necessary to perform in interview.
by DeskCoder
One of the top job search mobile apps is now available on Windows 8.

Job Search App takes the jobs from the top online job sites and presents them to you for easy browsing and applying. ...
by Khushboo-Ishani-Vaishali
Every one has to face the "INTERVIEWS" and for that one requires a brief knowledge about interview that come across.This app gives you, with all those necessary things to be taken care while...
by G.SathishKumar
This App will be very useful for students and employees , It contains the tips and procedures for how to face the interview.
by Shilpa B Ram
Career Finder is an app which will help the user to discuss various affairs related to job.The users can post their questions and also can answer to a question posted by other user.This app will...