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by Shreyas Deshmukh
TIE-A-TIE is your very own tie knot tying tutorial. You don't have to depend on others before a business meeting or even a party. Just play the tutorial and learn it on the go on your Windows 8...
by Omega142
Awesome unit converter for Windows 8 without extra baggage, while still being full-featured, simple, fast, easy, and universal. This is perhaps the simplest Windows 8 Unit Converter in the market,...
by BeetRoot Software
Swift Speedometer by BeetRoot Software is the perfect way to monitor your speed and direction while on the move.

An ideal companion whenever you need to know your speed, direction, or...
by Paras Wadehra
Unit Converter to convert various units into one another.

You can convert units like Angle, Area, Data, Distance, Energy, Length, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume and Weight....
by AJSoft
HTT v.1.2
Release Notes
- Short instructions have been added for every tie and every step by tap on the corresponding image;
- Bow-tie knot has been added;
- Short descriptions have...