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by KingKang Labs
Easy and faster google talk client.
You can use sending your location. This feature allows you to send your location to your contact. It will be sent as a link to the map on...
by JamSoft
Xblaze cannot support multitasking or push notifications. Please read the FAQ at for more information.

Xblaze is an instant messaging application that will...
by Stefano Tomasello
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ScatterBrain — Collect your...
by Tehsin Khan
By combining voice recognition, machine translation and voice output Translate is the first app to make the legendary SciFi dream of a Universal Translator reality.
Over 71+...
by P. Prabriputaloong
Getting tired with standard Thai Keyboard in iOS?
This app can help you.

-Provide Thai keyboard with the same layout with standard PC keyboard.
-Support both portrait...
by Luka Mirosevic
Remote Mouse+ instantly turns your iOS device into a wireless mouse and keyboard for your Mac or PC. Control presentations from anywhere in the room and even dictate to your computer using...
by Luka Mirosevic
Remote Keyboard+ instantly turns your iOS device into a wireless keyboard (and trackpad) for your Mac or PC.

Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" and "New & Noteworthy"!

by Shaun Brown
Ad RSS Pro Reader is the ad supported version of Ad RSS Reader, It contains all the features of the free version and a few extra ones. Most RSS readers are designed for news sites, this one is...
by Geon 8ight lab.
* SoBig Typing FREE - XLarge Keyboard

▶❶) Very large keyboard : easy typing.
▶❷) Count characters (Spacebar).

▶❶) 엄청 큰 키보드: 타이핑이 쉬워진다. '빅...
by GO Keyboard Dev Team
Warm Tip1. You need to install both this plugin and GO Keyboardto make sure it works.2. The plugin currently only supportstablet device.IntroductionThe Pad plugin can be only applied to GO...