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Free LED Flashlight - Instantly convert your iPhone 4 into a blisteringly powerful flashlight, using the new LED at the back of your phone. This handy torch can be used for finding your way in the...
by Andy Soft
The Professional Led Flash Light for iPhone 4, Light up your walk with the LED light, Send an SOS Message from your iPhone with “S.O.S.” button and disable Auto-Lock with a click. Play with Morse...
by Aerosonic Productions Inc.
LED Light Box™ for iPad, the best quality light box for photographers, and medical professionals.

Slim, ultra bright, versatile and environmentally friendly makes this modern light box...
by Socially Conscious Software LLC
Simple LED Light is a great free LED Flashlight app for the iPhone 4. Simple LED Light gives you the power to turn your iPhone 4 into an all seeing torch to light your way through...
by Schréder
Use the Schréder LED Lighting Solution tool to:
• Browse all the latest up-to-date information for
the complete range of Schréder LED solutions
• Visualise how...
by Tatjana Kolesnik
Easy to use. Very fast start. Quick brightness.

We made the most convenient and the most simple LED - light for your Ipod or Iphone, equipped with the necessities that must be LED -...
by Sebastian Stadtlich
This Application let's you use the flash on your phone as a Flashlight.

Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.
by Kode Monkey
This app enables you to use the iPhone 4 or 4S LED flash as a flashlight.

*** Super Bright *** Works like a real flashlight!

* Instant activation on start
by Proctic GmbH
Mit Lumedo wird die Steuerung von LEDs per Smartphone so einfach wie noch nie: Installiere die App und lege los. Beleuchte deinen Wohnraum mit bis zu 65 Millionen unterschiedlichen Farben, steigere...
by zhibiao Lin
This is a application software for built-in bluetooth light.It let smartphone directly control built-in bluetooth light wireless come true. Support bluetooth version 4.0 or above of any mobile OS....