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by heycloud
Bright light flasheasy to use.Dont have personal information!Keyword: Light, light, flash, flashlight, night, illuminated in the dark, blight
by ben slama mohamed ali
A simple torch and easy to use, the application uses the LED flash of your camera.
by Neuron Industries Inc.
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by DHX Media (Toronto) Ltd.
Everyone stand up! It's time to dance!

Lights flash and stars drift down as the Yo Gabba Gabba! crew do what they do best, DANCE!

From the critically acclaimed and publicly adored...
by TimeStream Software, LLC
NEW! “DISNEYLAND SECRETS” NOTESCAST - Over 110 Disneyland secrets arranged as a fun and magical tour.

A "Must Have" while in Disneyland!

Now spend hours discovering Disneyland...
by Neuron Industries Inc.

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A visually stunning...
by emotionale
Fotomecha is a continuous-shooting camera application that simulates multiple lenses.

When you capture a moving subject and press the shutter button, the shutter closes repeatedly with a...
by Dorian Baranes
Police Light simulates the blue flashing light used on police cars. The dashboard integrates a variety of sounds including:
- Wail siren
- Yelp siren
- Pier siren
by Heathen Bob
How's your short term memory?
These simple games will not only test your memory but help you to develop strategies to improve it.
Games include:
Kim's game - place some objects on the...
by HeavyLifters Network Ltd.
Ever wonder if you've got what it takes to control the skies?

SkyTroller™ is an air traffic control game for the iPhone or iPod Touch. From the vantage of your radar screen you watch as...