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by Wendy Bernfeld
#1 App in 27 Stores around the world!

Live life with this unique SoundBoard App! Only the best action-packed, funny sounds to mess with your friends and family. It has a total of 96 sounds...
by haha Interactive
- Featured as “Surprisingly Educational” app on “appy hours 4 you” blog talk radio show! :)

Have you ever thought what you will be like a year later? How about a month, or maybe just a day...
by Dickerhund
++ iTunes editorial Staff Favorite July 2010 ++
++ Number 3 of the best-selling lifestyle Apps ++

"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it." -...
by Sunny Tam
This game require iPhone 3GS/3rd gen iTouch or above to run. Please try the lite version first if you are unsure if your device can run this game.

###Reviews for...
by Blackstone Audio, Inc
Expand your enjoyment of literature with THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK EXPANDED AND UPDATED by Timothy Ferriss (unabridged). This interactive mash-up experience contains a multitude of features and content...
by Teresah Lynn
Using The Guidance Cards is like having a counselor immediately at hand whenever you need help!...Counseling and Spiritual Guidance for only $6.99!!

Included is a free Mini On-line Soul...
by Adam Jackson
Experience the healing power of Hypnosis - Professional Healing Hypnosis To Help You Stay Young in Body and Mind.

Start transforming your life today. Release your inner beauty, enjoy...
by Trish Blackwell
•6,912,000 potential abs workout combinations
•Abs Randomizer spin wheel
•Library of abs exercise videos with exercise explanations
•The 10 Secrets of 6-Pack Abs
by Trish Blackwell
Never have a dull workout again! There is only one fitness app out there that can generate 23,328,00 (yes, that is 23 MILLION+) workouts that don’t require any equipment or gym whatsoever and this...
by Sedona Training Associates
“My life has changed drastically; it’s more vibrant, more beautiful.” —Laharia Roxana Silvia

“Never in my 61 years of this life have I experienced such freedom and peace.” —Gretchen...