Masking Apps

Masking in description

by Steven Boynes

Sleep Mask is a White noise app that can be used as a sleep-aid or distraction blocker. It produces high quality White, Pink, and Brown noise sounds...
by Bruno Mei
Masked Contacts allows you to mask the contacts in your iPhone Contacts application and to preserve them from malicious people.
Briefly, you can:
- mask/unmask your contacts
by Infurious Republic
New from Infurious and Blue Pilot Software comes something completely different...

EyeCandy is the worlds first kids comic for your iPhone; designed to encourage a kid to read and play -...
by Manoel Franklin Costa
Mask Me HD is fun and simple to use:

1. Select a face from any photo from your library or built-in camera.
2. Resize & align with the provided eye and mouth guides.
3. Get...
by Cylineasoft
IPv4 & IPv6 Network addressing made easy.

Avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations when designing or troubleshooting your IPv4 and IPv6 networks – use "The Mask" – IPv4 &...
by John Rouda
A fast Subnet Mask Calculator. This can be used with no network connectivity. Free to use and enjoy. Great of IT engineers to figure out network IPs, and wildcard masks quickly.

by Image Metrics
It's time to get your Mojo Masks on and prepare for a video experience you’ve never seen before!

Add fun and realistic face paint masks to your photos and videos.

Mojo Masks...
by Blank Space, Inc.
Be kind of afraid. Be very, very kind of afraid.

From the makers of PhotoCrash comes PhotoCrash Fright. Even more shockingly absurd images to stick in your photos.

Transform and...
by LikeBit Creations
Do you want perfect skin? I believe we all do. Who doesn't want to look good? If you're like the most people, your skin will be far from perfect, though. Your skin may be dry and flaky, or oily...
by Olinda Porras
★Use this app to make really Scary images.
★Use this app to make really Funny images.
★Take pictures of your family, friends, yourself and even your pets!
★Add a Halloween mood to...