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by Maintenance Experts Pty Ltd
MEX for the iPad/iPhone is the best way to record, document and sync information about your assets, parts and labour. Utilising best practice methods of preventative maintenance, MEX will solve...
by Fick's Workshop
Allergy Traveler Language Pack enables additional languages for Allergy Traveler. Allergy Traveler translates your allergy and religious dietary restrictions so you can communicate your needs, even...
by Handcent
This is Handcent SMS Dutch Language pack,install it will support display Dutch user interface at Handcent SMS*** App2SD ***This plugin support App2SD,you can move it to SDCARD and save your...
dodol keyboard language pack(English)
dodol keyboard language pack(Russian)Licensing information: DaveWord list from:
dodol keyboard language pack(Deutsch)
by Alexey Kaloshin
Free Language Pack for OneHand Keyboard. This application works ONLY with OneHand Keyboard. See OneHand Keyboard for additional information.
by Menny Even Danan
AnySoftKeyboard keyboards pack:Swiss-French keyboard layout.For French dictionary also install the "French language pack".This is an expansion layouts pack for AnySoftKeyboard.Install...
dodol keyboard language pack(日本語)
dodol keyboard language pack(中文-拼音)