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by Marco Rinaldi
A simple and very usefull bidimensional level to verify if a surface is horizontal o inclined.

It works with Tablets, UltraBooks and other device with inclinometer.
by StanleyBlackandDecker
Stanley®’s Level App gives you a portable level for your Windows device. The app asks you to calibrate your device for the first use. Once completed, the digital level is available anytime,...
by slyi
The first and currently only windows store battery level app that shows your battery power level as a Live Tile on your start screen. It can detect if your laptop/tablet is plugged in updates the...
My Reading Level suggests reading material that matches your reading ability and interests. Never get stuck again by having easy access to definitions and translations while you read.
by MDR Applications
Microphone Pro is a sound recorder with ability to record, playback, save, and upload to SkyDrive. Features a very simple yet powerful interface.
by Ape Apps
Level Up! is a fun and free RPG role playing game for Windows Phone. You are a lone adventurer who wakes up to find himself stranded in the middle of an evil forest. You must find magical items,...
by Łukasz Rejman
Use your phone as a level meter. This little app has very fluid, responsive and easy to use interface that perfectly fits Windows Phone style. The virtual bubble behaves just like in the real...
by EspooTeam
Modern Level application for Windows Phone devices.


- Shows accelerometer X, Y and Z values in degree (angle) values
- Values updated in real time
- Graphical...
by Alex Golesh
Battery Level just got better!
The app provides "missing feature" of Windows Phone 8 - the battery level percentage on the main screen and the lock screen. Pin the app to see Live Tile with...
by Padmapriyaravichandran
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