Mirror Image Plot For Windows Apps

Mirror image plot for windows in description

by Exandus, LLC
Space shooter is a game where your goal is to fly your spaceship, and kill as many alien ships as possible while collecting bonus, and avoiding collisions with alien ships and bullets.
As you...
by Martin Suchan
The first application for Windows Phone using the front camera as a mirror, completely free and without ads :)

- picture from the front facing camera shown on full...
by siddharth makadiya
THis IS Verry funnY game To Click to image and Disappear this....
by Extrastrength Software
Image-O-Matic is a batch image processing app that performs many useful image processing tasks.
by Munya Zinatsa
Convert pdf pages to images(jpeg, png) with this easy to use free app
by EuCoGames

Mirror Draw allows you to to draw 4 lines with only one stroke of the mouse. The 3 copies can be reflected over the axes or simply...
by CS188 Hee Hwang
Have fun with FF Tactics Image Puzzle!
Your job is to find two identical cards in a shot moment!
You can also find your favorite Final Fantasy Tactics Images!!
by Hardcode Software
Picture Resizer & Windows8 Icon Generator is a tool that will allow users to easily crop, resize, and convert images to 9 different image files. The app also supports multiple image resizing and...
by Falamas Vasile Marian
Image Effector is an app that specializes in the area of image processing. By opening a desired picture, you can apply different kinds of effects or enhances according to your needs.
by RupeshPatric
Are you tired of mirror apps that don’t work? Are you always doing your make up on the go? Does your mirror app work in complete darkness? If your answers to any of these are NO, look no further;...