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by Arcade Sunshine Media, LLC.
The Guided Moby-Dick
The Complete Novel with Rich Media Additions

In addition to the complete text of the American classic in a simple e-reader, readers can also access video...
by Ave!Comics Production
The classic of Herman Melville in comic book format, beautifully illustrated and animated for a very unique and immersive experience.

This version of the digital comic uses a special...
by GetYa Learn On, LLC
The Moby Dick Glossary app includes hundreds of terms from the literary classic Moby Dick. The app has three categories of terms and definitions: vocabulary, things & places, and...
by Escape Plan B
The classic tale of Moby Dick

App features include:

- Automatic bookmarking
- Page turning effect for realistic book reading experience
- Author biography
by Ubiklabs
**** Release Special Price ****

Moby-Dick is an 1851 novel by Herman Melville. The story tells the adventures of the wandering sailor Ishmael and his voyage on the whaleship Pequod,...
by Metatronik UG
Moby-Dick; oder: Der Wal (englisch Moby-Dick; or, The Whale) ist ein 1851 in London und New York erschienener Roman von Herman Melville. Das erzählerische Rückgrat des Romans ist die schicksalhafte...
by Abazander Ltd
Do you want access to your SugarCRM or iSAM system data from your iPhone?

iSAM Mobi is an easy and intuitive iPhone app giving you real-time read/write access to your SugarCRM or iSAM...
by Arrowhead Corporation
Mobi Print gives its users the capability to print (bluetooth or wifi) PDF's, Images or Cloud based label formats to Zebra mobile or desktop printers on iOS devices.

This app takes...
by Estado Latente
Bocas Mobi is a tourisme app project created by insiders. Our mission is to support the community by sharing what we have discovered in this remote place, Bocas del Toro Panama, with others hoping...
by Mobi Dreamer
The classic wooden labyrinth puzzle game where you control the ball while avoiding holes and traps to reach the destination.

Ball will be controlled by tilting your iphone from side to...