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Monkey in description

by Ringtone LLC
Check out this fun and magical runner game.

Follow the top hat wizard through the yellow brick road. Dodge witches and flying monkeys.

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by SKH Apps
Mad Monkey Free!

This is the free version of the popular Mad Monkey game.

Mad Monkey, Mad Mad Monkey!!

Don't let that cute smile fool you! Mad Monkey steals all of your...
by Mokool Inc
Go Bananas - Features on iTunes

***Go Bananas - Top 100 Adventure Game in 89 Countries***

Customer Reviews:
******* "I can't put this Game down. it's strangely addictive and...
by Geek Beach
Battle other players in LIVE MULTIPLAYER mode.

The warriors gather, the crowd chant your name, are you ready for the most intense battle of your life?

In a world where monkeys...
by Kihon Games
You are a monkey, clinging to a pig as it takes you for the ride of your life!

Avoid ‘Space Unicorns’ and ‘Nom Nom Hamsters’ while hanging onto a bucking squealing pig in this addictive...
by Emoji
??Check out this fun baby monkey run game!??

Join baby monkey as you help him dodge obstacles and see how far you can make in in the jungle. Fun for all ages.

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by TabTale LTD
“Kofiko” book-series is about the adventures of a feisty, funny, loveable and rebellious talking monkey named Kofiko. From the heart of the African jungle and right into the lives of an average...
by Tio Atum
Fruit Monkeys are here! The best game on iOS for everyone!
All you fruit ninjas can step aside because Fruit Monkeys are here! The best game to hit iOS devices can now be yours!

by Steve Ingkavet
► SHOOT MAGIC SPELLS at fearsome Flying Monkeys and the Wicked Witch!

► DEFEND OZ! ›› Collect Yellow Bricks, Lollipops, Emeralds, and Ruby Slippers to unlock all the characters: The...
by Pokie Magic
The cheeky monkey grins his way to huge virtual wins in Monkey Money, the most fun jungle themed slot machine simulation on the planet!

Fantastic additional features include the "Coconut...