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by Asad Shah
Are you looking for origami? You've come to the right place! Here you'll find out how to make many kinds of neat and ingenious items. The app consists of actual folding process to help you along....
by Syed Feroz Sahh
An Ancient Japanese Art of Paper Folding, presented in new and advanced way.
App features:
• Lots of free origami models
• Step by step learning’s
• Presented in the simplest...
by xueleyou dev
Paper folding can not only greatly build up children’s manipulative ability, but also can cultivate children’s observation and attention. The "Origami For Kids" app is a paper folding educational...
by iLike
App includes Origami designs from simple hats or airplanes, to complex structures such as animals or buildings, with simple and advanced techniques.
The app is too simple and provides a deluxe...
by Azumio Inc.
February is heart awareness month. Show your heart some true love.

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Cardio Buddy determines your heart rate from a distance by using the camera...
by runtastic
Turn your iPhone into your personal heart rate monitor - YES, IT’S POSSIBLE!

Check your heart rate (HR) anytime - when you wake up, after exercise, or before a big meeting....
Heart Decide - Point of Care Patient Education for Healthcare Professionals by Orca Health (formerly Orca MD)

This version of HeartDecide combines a new design with access to surgical...
"Because of your high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, and smoking, you have the cardiovascular system of a 68 year old man. Let me know if you want address this."

New Framingham CVD...
by Epocrates
Seattle Heart Failure Risk Calc is based on the Seattle Heart Failure Model, which provides an accurate estimate of one-, two-, and five-year survival rates and average years of survival for...
by LogYourRun LLC
? Best heart rate application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad ?


* "This app is really helpful for someone who wants to keep track of their heart rate"
* "Great...