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Notice for iphone in description

by André Kraut
Do you know your telephone number? How often do you need to put it into some form? How often did you open your contacts, searched for the right group, searched the name and looked up the...
by American Software Solutions, Inc.
On Notice allows you to keep your own not so nice list, just like Santa does.

Three levels: On Thin Ice, On Notice, Dead To Me.
Can have picture for each item from camera...
by Mathew Keirnes
Going On Notice is an application that will connect you with others within close proximity and allow you to share in what they are experiencing and doing.

Features include:

by HajiShiraZu
The Ghost Photo App "Noticed!?" allows you to modify your photographs how you often see spirit photos introduced in Japanese magazines and TV shows.
Use it to enlarge the spot you want to...
by Guy Branston
Get Noticed App allows you to film, track and share your videos with a worldwide audience. The App helps your talent get noticed by the world instantly and easily. Sporting a highly intuitive user...
SafeCam: Safe Camera. the professional candid weapon!
Suitable for abnormal shooting occasions:
- Some places like museum or private club are forbidden to shoot video.
- Some times...
by Snap Smart Kids
Mandie Notices!
“Seasons Fun!”

Another Interactive Picture Book from the Creators of Snap Smart Kids!
~ “Committed to Seeing the World through the Eyes of a Child!” ~

by Mikihiro Fujiwara
arxivNotify is the easiest way to search

- Searchable on detailed condition of title, author and abstract etc...
- Save search conditions in Bookmarks
by underscore, Inc
It is an application to let you know new books information in a push notification.
Find the new book information based on keywords that you have registered, you will be notified by push...
by Michael Quach
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