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by MobileTrigger Corporation
★ 특별할인판매 $9.99 --> $6.99
★ 엣센스 한영사전앱이 최강의 기능과 최고의 콘텐츠로 또다시 새로운 도약을 이룩하였습니다.

☆ 사전앱 최강의 검색 기능을 구현
- 단어 검색속도가 가장 빠릅니다.
- 국내 사전앱중 가장 많은 검색기능 제공
- 혁신적인 새로운 검색기능 1 - Pasteboard...
by MobileTrigger Corporation
★ 특별할인판매 $9.99 --> $6.99
★ 이제 사전앱에 검색혁명이 시작됩니다! 텍스트를 불러들여 가볍게 터치하며 단어를 찾아볼 수 있습니다.

☆ 사전앱 최강의 검색 기능을 구현
- 단어 검색속도가 가장 빠릅니다.
- 국내 사전앱중 가장 많은 검색기능 제공
- 혁신적인 새로운 검색기능 1 -...
by MobileTrigger Corporation
This application is an economy edition of ESSENCE English-Korean dictionary for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Dictionary database is powered by MINJUNG Publishing Co. which has more than 60 years...
by Elsevier, Inc
Essence of Anesthesia Practice: Drugs A–Z for iPhone® and iPad™, by Lee A. Fleisher, MD, and Michael F. Roizen, MD, offers a quick and portable synopsis of 80 drugs. You’ll have a quick and...
by AppWarrior
Here are the chapters included inside the book:

by Editora Europa
They were made to flourish. Nothing else matters to an orchid. The leaves are of little interest, the bulb does not have beauty, and the roots are exposed and discreet. Then, once a year, the...
by Isoperla
OrchidId will help you identify and record the wild orchids of the British Isles.

All species native to the British Isles are covered.

The guide has been created by professional...
by NerdsGeeksGurus
We have had some users with very large collections that have had problems with launching the new app (v1.5.0). This is due to a database migration performance problem that involves...
by Ninja Awesome Pirates LLC
Orchids Fine Art displays a sideshow of beautiful and amazing Orchids from around the world by leading photographers, including Chris Bright and Thomas Salinas. I guarantee that you’ve NEVER seen a...
by Sergio Alvarez Diaz
Field guide of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands orchids.

This application has the goal of gathering the biggest number of data about the ORCHIDACEAE family in the Iberian...