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by Craig Mattson
Melbourne Train Tracker lists all "Metro" Train Lines and their respective line disruptions (if necessary).

NOTE: This is not a timetable application.
Guardian Tracker is a student guardian manager tool to help track students in boarding schools especially after school hours. The tool is intuitive and requires a SQL Server database at the backend.
Re-Tracker is an app that listing your JNE, TIKI and Pos Indonesia Tracking Number (Connote Number) and show the current status of your package. You can Add, Edit and Delete your Tracking Number,...
by Quatro Dev
Very addictive game 2048 Deluxe!
Explore deep challenge for your mind! Game works great on personal computer or tablet. New edition makes app even more awesome! Hardest game of puzzle games in...
by moralaSoft
Health & Fitness Tracker allows you to track your personal health and fitness data. Simply create a profile and Health & Fitness Tracker will determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), Resting...
by Niko Vrdoljak
ISS Tracker displays current International Space Station position on map, calculates next passes in your neighborhood and shows all relevant information about ISS, Sun and your position
by webport
Airport Pro is the enhanced version of Airport. It includes the one step Flight Tracker Premium. It also includes information on Parking, Food and Restaurants, Ground Transportation, and more...
by Nektarios Giannoulis
Chess Riddles Deluxe is a (currently free) collection of famus chess riddles around the world. Currently, in version one you can find "Knight's Tour Riddle" and "Queens Riddle". We will update the...
by Cycling Tracker
Cycling Tracker is the ultimate tool for tracking your bicycle rides in Windows 8. Cycling Tracker supports a wide range of different GPS bike computers that use the FIT or TCX file format. See...
by Dominic W.
Have you ever wondered where the week went? My Time Tracker helps you visualize how you are spending your time during the week.

Use this app to better organize your time and and better...