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by LD Consulting
Provinces of Turkey, their car license plate numbers and phone area codes.

Türkiye'nin illerini, plaka numaralarını ve telefon kodlarını gösteren liste.

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by Kargi Solutions
Struggling to collate information of your contacts around a particular geographic location? Look nowhere beyond; here’s your magic key: ”GeoRolodex” - For the price of a Coffee you can get a...
by P S Crumbley
UK phone area codes listed numerical and alphabetical so it's easy to find out a landline dialing code.
by Ejelta LLC
View and share your location: city, zipcode, phone area code, rough street address, sunrise and sunset times, GPS latitude and longitude.
Me Here Where You is a fun app to help your geographically challenged friends and family find their way to your location easily.

To use Me Here Where you, follow these steps:

you can search postal codes, phone area codes, road code names, bus route numbers with this app.this app is a list of sri lankan codes use by the public.this is also a sri lankan NIC number reader...
by Sinan Bugdayci
Enter the first 2 digits of the vehicle licence/registration Number Plates to get the Region and/or Province name of that Vehicle and Phone area Code.
** Note: To continue to use the Me Here Where You app all users need to upgrade to 1.1.6 or newer Thanks :-)Me Here Where You is a fun app to help your geographically challenged friends and family...
by Soda
Country & Area Codes
By SavySoda™

✫The original & most powerful phone code app✫

Ever struggled to find that calling code when dialing international and interstate...
by Firial Amra
Are you suffering from looking for country codes and area codes in each county!
Are you struggling to get emergency phone numbers in one country!
Are you looking for feeling safety whenever...