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The Incase of emergency program helps local residents innovate the way first responders save our lives and protect our property.
The Incase is a small bar code sticker for your door frame that...
by BumbleBee Studio
Clean your contacts and remove annoying dashes/hyphens ("-") and spaces!---Sometimes there are annoying dashes/hyphens ("-") and spaces in Android phone contact numbers,...
by Wiseyes Solutions Sdn Bhd
This Community Alerts is suitable for Personal and public safety, sending SOS Alert in real-time and to find important SOS Station directory.This version has gone live and can be used throughout...
by Angel Koh
Twitch 2 is the new version of Contact Number Formatter (featuring editable numbers!!).Please install twitch at...
by sangana reddy
Easy to use utility app to manage phone contacts.

Easily delete all contacts.
Delete selected contacts.
List all duplicate contacts based on name and delete duplicates.
by PhonebookForever"For the ultimate cloud contacts experience, nothing else even comes close"See and Call Your Cloud Contacts On Anybody's Phone With Your Password.Add...
by Bang
Private Note provides a wonderful way to hide your notes. When someone open this App, they can only see a simple text view, and they will regard this app as a simple text editor. Actually, you can...
by Appiplayer Software
Feature List:

Multi delete contacts

Find no name contacts

Find no phone contacts

Find no email contacts

Find no address contacts

Find common...
by Sergey Astakhov
Got a phone number but you don't know who called?

This app helps you finding your contacts in your address book!

- searching a phone number to the latest...
by Kiraline Inc.
If you spend a lot of time driving or making a dozen of calls and messages a day, iCaller by «KiraLine» is a new utility you really need. Besides, the application will suit everyone, who...