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by Abitalk Incorporated
ABC Phonics Talking Alphabet contains three activities in which the children can learn the letters of the alphabet in both upper and lowercase forms. This free app teaches the first eight letters,...
by Intellijoy
This free version includes letters A to H and is fully-featured.
Kids ABC Phonics is the second app in our Reading Curriculum Series. It is preceded by Kids ABC Letters and followed by our...
by Abitalk Incorporated
ABC Phonics Butterfly Long Vowels includes five different long vowel sounds: A, E, I , O , U. Learn phonics vowel sounds, and letter combinations with this fun kids' game. Your child can pick...
by Abitalk Incorporated
Phonics Make a Word supports both Phonics and Spelling. The application is for children just beginning to read. The words all have short vowel sounds. More advanced children should try Phonics...
by Hien Ton
Learn ABC recognition, writing, and listening skills with animals.

Created by a group of early writing teachers to teach kids proper letter writing skills, based on the national standard...
by AppsNice
Best learn Alphabet Apps
- One click to play song and Alphabet will follow music to fly out.
- Dancing Alphabet
- Can click the Alphabet to play Sound.
by Abitalk Incorporated
Abitalk Phonics Short Vowels is a fun game for young children to learn and practice phonics by piloting a submarine and shooting torpedos to identify each word.

PhonicsOne is for children...
by Abitalk Incorporated
A fun game for young children to learn and practice phonics by piloting a spaceship and shooting at planets to identify each word. PhonicsTwo is for children ready to learn the long vowel sounds....
by Hetal Shah
An excellent introduction to phonics.

If you (the parent) are familiar with Phonics, you will immediately appreciate the way the app teaches phonics.

Letter section: introduces...
by Hien Ton
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