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by David Pettersson
Probably the most useful planning poker application on Market. Absolutely no frills at all – only shows large white numbers on a black background.Useful for Scrum and other agile planning...
by artArmin
Poker planning is a powerful tool to make faster and more accurate estimations and most important of all, to make it fun!

This app (among several other apps) can be used in scrum poker...
by Coohya
AgileTools is a great utility for Scrum Masters. It helps your team stay on track and gets everyone engaged during daily stand-ups.

- Conduct Stand-ups.
Every attendee has a set time...
by Cyrus Innovation, LLC
Estimate! is an experimental app developed by Cyrus Innovation to help Agile teams estimate. It is the first PLANNING POKER®
app to take advantage of BlueTooth networking. Estimate! tracks...
by JoynMe Inc.
JoynMe is the world’s first ACTION NETWORK! We’ve made it easier to stay active by giving you a fun and easy way to find and plan your favorite activities. We’ve built all the features necessary to...
by ruoli zhou
Tired of most of the scrum poker apps out there? Want something stylish and fun? Try this!! The app is designed in beautiful flame style number, let the scrum burn!!!
Apart from the traditional...
JoynMe Activities and Clubs was removed
by NovaTec Solutions GmbH
Scrum Planning Poker ist ein Werkzeug, das in Estimation Meeting und Sprint Plannning Meeting eingesetzt werden kann.

Jeder, der an der Entwicklung eines Projektes beteiligt ist, nimmt am...
by Power Symbol Technology LLC
Scrum Time is a simple and useful scrum planning poker app. Improve your sprint planning meetings, by making them more effective and fun.

* Planning Poker ®, Fibonacci,...
by Thomas Mutzl
Planning Poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of user stories in software development.

Just tap...