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ShoPARE is a price comparison shopping tool that combines a price book, a shopping list, and the ability to compare prices on the fly.

You can compare prices of different package...
by Cenacle
Better Price is a price comparision tool can help you easily compare two products' cost no matter the package quantities or units. It can also help to to make decision easily without confusion of...
by Aerende, Inc.
UPDATE - This app now offers Best Decision functionality which uses an intelligent learning algorithm to determine a user's Best Decision for a purchase based on price, distance, time,...
by Luis E. Fabián Lebrón
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Whether its planes,...
by Little Mouse Software
Avoid traffic jams and get all the traffic, gas prices, and speed cam information in Spain with Skip Traffic!

- Incidents from the most important traffic services in Spain + Google...
by Ian Tipton
Calculate sales tax fast!! Enter the price and see the results in real time.

* See the amount of tax and the new total.
* App displays the price including and excluding tax.
by Red Hot Bits
New, amazing app that displays real-time Gold Price on the app icon badge, backed by a powerful push notification server. Now upgraded and able to deliver user defined Gold Price...
by Roei Kashi Production

Until June 1st, we are offering the app for free.
We also provide consulting services for diamond buyers wishing to buy diamonds worth $50,000 and up. For...
by Siddiq Akbar
International gold price in your currency. The price source is London Bullion Market. LBMA price is accepted as a standard gold price all over the world.

- Currencies USD,...
by Eric Welch
This application will help the user calculate sale prices on individual items by allowing the user to enter the original price, percent discount, and optionally an additional "out-the-door"...