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by Orange Group
Thanks to memory-life app, never lose an opportunity to protect and to take advantage of your memories!

Now you can display all of the photos, videos, sounds, and texts from your...
by Mangobird
Break the ice or make things FUN with Truth or Dare!

This classic game is great for parties, having memorable times with your friends, and spending quality time with that special...
by Juanlao
A cool watch to see the actual date and time in binary format. As you know, there are only 10 kind of people, those who knows binary and those who do not.
If you want to be in the kind who...
by Artifex Mundi

Fulfill your destiny, become the ruler of time, and change the course of history!

by Knotty Software
Where's My Time is a tool designed to answer a simple question asked by information workers every day: where did my time go? Optimized for running pinned in Windows 8.1, this application offers a...
by Ateik
You live in a big, loud, wonderful city where lots of incredible things are happening all the time. So many things, in fact, that you can easily miss brilliant events and great nights out in the...
by Relative Games
Hands of Time is the puzzle game from Final Fantasy XIII-2 turned into an app for Windows 8 desktops, laptops or tablets. It is a stand-alone game with 100 levels but also features a solver in case...
by ZolaSoft
Pray times calculates Muslim prayer (salah) times worldwide. This app rethinks the genre and beautifully present the information. The app displays a daily prayer time clock along with the current...
by xfz
Be always informed about the current time and date!
by Ed Burg
It is designed to calculate the maximum battery charge time for any given chargable battery, based on the entered information.