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Retro bird in description

by AppsArt
Be FLAPPY !! Special Christmas edition.A new flappy amazing game.Flap the bird , tap the screen to flap the bird.Try to beat your own record.Try to go past 34, it is HARD!!!
by Open Door Networks, Inc.
The all-time American classic sports car, in your pocket! Following in the path of Mustang Envi and our other car apps, T-Bird Envi brings thousands of Web-based Ford Thunderbird photos to your...
by Currynurt Entertainment
Reach the heart of the castle with as few clicks as possible!★Guide the character in 7 unique ways through a lovely designed castle composed of 17 retro style levels - only by clicking on the...
by SWTCH Labs
Experience the adventure of Wing It, the flying floppy bird with attitude, through the world by dodging obstacles. Gain the best score and collect Wing It trophies.Wing It is a retro pixel art...
by Martin Finch
??? Can you score 4000 points ???
!!!! The world best record so far is 7200 !!!!

So so easy to play. Drag your finger anywhere on the screen to move. Collect the greens and avoid the...
by Martin Finch
????? Can you last 50 seconds ??????
The world best record so far is 233 seconds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New world records, Congratualtions!!!!!
1) Sumner Grey, California - 233.8097...
by Martin Finch
?????????? Can you last 50 seconds ?????????
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world best record so far is 65 seconds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So so easy to play. Swipe your finger left and...
by PIRAMIDA entertainment
All graphics was redrawn by hand. Sounds are typical beeps and ticks. Game logic is as accurate as possible, done mostly by memory. B) You can compare with the original game...
Odi Birds was removed
This Theme is formal theme that support from KakaoTalk.You can meet a flower bird above a tree of FragranceIt is the KakaoTalk theme that has a feeling of stylish retro feel with a combination of...