Right Hvac Contractor For Windows Apps

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by 株式会社がくげい
This mental training software allows children to activate their right brain and increase their capacity for learning. In this program, animations full of cute characters draw kids into the topics...
by Quince Orchard Consulting LLC
Right Track : Weight is an application to visualize your weight loss effort over time. In this revision, you can add, update and delete weight entries and see on the graph the last ten. Planned...
by Yasmine
This application helps you to have a healthy eating habits. Love yourself and gain confidence by controlling what enters your body.
by Microsoft Studios
Why play against one person in a turn when you can play against thousands at once? Wordament® is a real-time continuous word tournament. Players compete on the same board with everyone at once....
by d99
Write a simple note and it shows on your tile!

-Support for multiple notes
-Optimal for "snapped view"
-Choose Color Theme
-Live tile support
-Big tile support
by BrainStorm, Inc.
BrainStorm QuickHelp is on-demand, video-based training for organizations. Whether you’re deploying new software, or looking to get users up to speed on their current software, BrainStorm...
by Popcorn Entertainment Limited
Guess what's been pixelated. Easy, right?

Mostly. Sometimes, not so much. And sometimes... well, just make sure there's nothing breakable nearby!

Welcome to Pixelate. The...
by Mohammad Al-Hamdan
Guess the word by only looking at the zoomed in picture! Try to reach level 200 with over 1100 coins or without using any coins.

1 pic 1 word features:
- 200 levels (more levels will...
Spider Solitaire is a popular variant of solitaire using two decks of cards.

Spider Solitaire: rules and basics

The object

Remove all the cards from the table in the...
by Xline
Eggs are falling from the sky.
Catch all the eggs as you can. But watch out with BOMBS.
Use your mouse to move left or right, or your keyboard arrows.