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Robots.txt for windows in description

by chuloon
Protect the Earth from the invading robotic unicorns!
by Userware
Task Robot Lets You Easily Automate Repetitive Tasks! Just tell Task Robot what you want it to do, and it will do it for you! This app uses innovative touch-optimized natural language technologies...
by 108km Tech Ltd
This is a high-quality 3D "Puzzle & Action" game.

Take control of the cute and awesome Robot Brothers. Each of them has a special skill. Creates ice blocks? Destroy the wood boxes? Or fly...
by Dvios Software
Inspired by the Nokia Do Good Mission:

Imagine being able to look through the eyes of a robot and having eagle vision, well, this app cannot give you that, but it will certainly try to...
by Emu Games
Super Robot Taisen - Original Generation 2 is now able to play on your mobile device. Enjoy the game and rate us 5 stars for our efforts.

Thank you!!!
by SpeechTrans Inc
LIMITED TIME SALE PRICE! FREE TRIAL! Magically Speak and understand 26 Languages in a matter of Seconds!
Forget Typing, Simply Speak your phrases and have the translation Read back to you!...
by Thibaut de Sany
This application is an Android implementation of the Loic testing tool. Please note that this application must be used only for testing purposes and not to foresee or participate to...
by Pansoft
Base Ceti-One is a tactical weapons and unit construction site currently anchored at near orbit zone of Leonis moon.
One week ago, we lost all contact with the base. Every attempt we've made...
by Microsoft Studios
Embark on a giant kingdom-building adventure journeying to exotic lands and helping your new, tiny Kefling friends along the way in A World of Keflings! Play as your Xbox LIVE Avatar and help the...
by EasySlides
Easyslides Beta v0.2 Windows 8 App

Create projection slides easily by using normal txt files.

Steps in creating slides:-
1. Create a text document (less call it a.txt) using...