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Rock legend in description

by Sean Vosen
Do you want to see and hear how to play the most important piano chords used in thousands of songs? Do you want to watch step-by-step piano lessons for your favorite piano songs in full HD? This is...
by Storm8
****** Rock Battle Live™ reached Top 3 in the App Store ******

Start out practicing in your garage and work your way up to become a Rock Legend in the Rock Battle Live world!...
by Anderson Matsumura
★ Compatible with Retina Display - New iPad (4rd gen.) and iPhone 5 ★

Do you like Heavy Metal? Punk Rock? Hard Rock? maybe just a Rock Fan?
Doesn't matter, Quiz Rock is the final...
by Rockstar Solos, LLC
Musical guitar game similar to Simon, where you "follow the pattern" ★ Rockstar MOJO ★


by Incorporated
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*** 12,500 guitarists have found their rhythm with our app! ***
The key to achieving guitar-god status is… that's right, rhythm! Jimi Hendrix, Eric...
by Greater Media Radio, Inc
You'll find The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Pink Floyd and tons of other classic rock legends 24-7, 365 on Philadelphia's Classic Rock 102.9 MGK. We keep...
by ege arge
Are you ready for the ultimate music quiz game?

How much do you know about :
+ Popular Music,
+ Oldies,
+ Rock Legends,
+ Bands, Singers, Song Writers ?

Play quiz...
by Twelve Pin
Now you can carry one of the most distinct voices in Rock and Roll around in your pocket!

Perfect to relieve boredom at long meetings or conference calls, just open it up and let out an...
by Roman Schneider
See the world like a rock star, rule the crowd like a legend.

A new kind of Jump 'n' Run

Don't jump, let 'em throw you! Don't run, let your fans carry you!
The motto is Sex,...
by Nick Culbertson
*** 70s Radio+ *** - Streaming Online 1970s Radio

Why is **70s Radio+** the best?
1. More Stations YOU Want To Hear (35 and Counting)
2. Background Audio to surf the Web while...