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by zbarna
The famous Rock-Paper-Scissor game.

Choose rock, paper or scissor. After that the computer will choose one randomly, then the result will be presented in the...
by Alfredtech
this is a rock paper scissor mini game. enjoy
by a831168
Simple Rock-Paper-Scissor game with WWII tanks.
by raidensnake
GLaDOS in Portal game is too robotic. How about we make her look more "MOE"? So this is the result:
Nekomimi Glados

Its in anime version and fully 3D. Now she have turn to more cute...
by Yamspog Technologies
Battle the zombie apocalypse from the safety of your phone!
by Glauco
Rock Drums Pro is a multi touch drum app for Windows 8 and Windows RT.
You can play the drums wherever you are!
The best drums for Windows: highly responsive thanks the low latency and the...
by Nirmit Kavaiya
Create Paper Snowflakes on your PC.
Fold. Cut. Open. Share!

Select a Fold type - Create markings on the folded paper and Cut - Open the folded paper to get your beautiful Paper Snow -...
by Sreenu
All Telugu news papers at your finger tips.

Telugu News Papers App for Windows 8 is free to download and includes free access to the most of the Telugu news Papers (PDFs available freely...
by Apps Tree
Interactive learning game, good for kids. Hangman redesigned for the kids. Now you can enjoy the pure fun of Hangman with Hangman Paper app.
by YunRui SiMa
Paper Prototype (PP) is focusing on creating quick prototypes and design mockups with intuitive gestures on mobile devices. The ultimate goal is for you to visualize your ideas in one minute.