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*** Notebook Pro has achieved Top 100 iPhone & iPad rankings in over 15 Countries ***

Need a notes app that is super quick & easy to use?

by Seligman Ventures Ltd
Do you have a busy life? Do you ever forget to do things?

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a To-Do list covering all your tasks, but didn't have to scroll through 100's of tasks...
by Seligman Ventures Ltd
'Money Tracker Pro' has allowed me (its developer) to save thousands in cash and there is no reason it shouldn't be able to help you to.

Using its quick & simple data input, you will start...
by Seligman Ventures Ltd
Need a notes app that is super quick & easy to use?

Imagine you could use your finger to write notes, with no more slow keyboard typing. Well now you can with Notebook...
by Seligman Ventures Ltd
Do you want to find it easy to save money?

Imagine you were able to track your spending in seconds & could see spending patterns to help you save more easily? Well now you can with 'Money...
by Seligman Ventures Ltd
Have you travelled much?

Do you ever wonder how much of the World you have seen? Or maybe how much is left to visit?

Imagine you could select all the countries you have been to...
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“Spot Venture Plus is the puzzle game that many people could easily addicted to. With a familiar game play like spot differences with the additional challenges you...
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"Love this game - I had an iPad and I sold it but I bought it back so I can play this game. This game is the reason why I own an iPad . I love it, the sound, the pictures. Everything about it is...
by Katherine Fletcher
Pork Belly Ventures App provides a comprehensive resource for participants of PBV's charter/outfitter service that supports cycling events in Iowa including RAGBRAI.

Riders come from all...
by Zheng Hui
An innovative and addictive memory matching game more full of fun and surprise than any you’ve ever seen before.

❤ What’s Match Venture? ❤
Match Venture is an extraordinary memory...