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by Colorbox
Do you love run n' jump games or do you hate them? Whatever the case, Dalton - The Awesome is made for you! Be sure that you think twice before clicking buy this game cuz it's insanely...
by Curious Bear Productions Pty Ltd
Why did the chicken cross the road? A timeless mystery, solved once and for all by ... Cluck It!

Representing the pinnacle of road crossing action, Cluck It! combines easy to learn...
corresponds to the "challenge" What's New in iOS 6!
Will be installed immediately excited with your friends!

Normally availabel for $4.99, download this...
by Colorbox
DALTON coming back!!!
New locations, maps, enemies, power-ups and challenges but still the best experience.



- Single...
1. Available to multi touch control.
(Please change on settings, if you want to use single touch control)
2. Available to upload image with facebook.
3. You can purchase...
by Frozen Logic Studios
Join robot DIR in a thrilling adventure as he searches for his family!

Little robot DIR had been on standby for years when a loving family of hedgehogs adopted him, but now his family has...
by PROPE,Ltd.
Over 50 stages in total! Lose yourself in a complex and authentic action platformer for smartphones. Join little Ivy's big adventure as she dashes across the pages of an antique storybook. Pull...
by Thumbstar Games
The sequel to Happy Hills is now available!

App Gamer
"Happy Hills is a must"

148 Apps
"Great game and shines in so many ways"
"Sure to create a lot of happy...
by MikeP
If you've spent your money on WeMo devices you know that WeMo automation can be slow and unreliable. You may feel uncomfortable about using an external internet/cloud service like Belkin's...
Doo Doo Diving could be the craziest diving game you’ll ever play! Think traditional diving sport with extra “flavors”, well…a lot of flavors!!

Play as Doo Doo the diver, high dive into...