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by Man Zhang
Take ghost photos of your friends and have a good laugh at their chills.
Snap Ghost lets you add dozens of horrible ghost effects to your camera or local pictures. Take a photo with your friend...
by InfoScout
Receipt Hog is an exclusive opportunity to turn your grocery receipts into cash and rewards:

1) Snap pics of your grocery receipts
2) Earn coins and rewards with every receipt
by DormSwoop, Inc.
Share. Snap. Score.

Blend, a college-exclusive app, lets students share unique experiences and get free stuff from their favorite brands.

Share your experiences based on the Blend...
by Worldweaver
Take a trip 65 million years back to the age of the dinosaurs with Dino Snap!

Dino Snap is a fast paced take on the traditional snap game. Simply drag your card onto the pile and be the...
by Bloomsix
Play Snap Together, a simple, easy-for-everyone social photo guessing game for your smartphone. Create, guess and share your photos in the most enjoyable way. Making pictures has never been this...
by collect3
★★★★★ Also from us: "UFO on Tape" the hottest new game on iTunes - recipient of the IGN Editors Choice Award.
"We're telling you now...grab UFO on Tape. Totally out of this world!" - Touch...
What about being more attractive on pictures?
Do you need to improve your images?

Try the ultimate Snap Studio HD that features:

* Select an new image via camera or...
by Dendrocom
*** This is the free version of Snap Filters. It includes all features from the full version with no limitations, but adds a watermark at the bottom of your images. ***

Built with speed...
by Neil Daniels
Bubble popping simulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Who doesn't like to pop sheets of bubbles? It’s simple and it’s fun. Either pop bubbles one at a time or drag your finger(s) to pop...
by @Huizhe
**** "error loading content" issue solved, Daily Street Snaps is BACK! Please update & tell your friends. ****

Fresh & live street snaps of cool bags, clothes & styles.