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by Yousef Mannaa
الحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام على رسول الله و على آله و صحبه أجمعين،

يقول رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: "لن يلج النار أحد صلى قبل طلوع الشمس و قبل غروبها" - رواه مسلم.

(This app is...
by Pyrosphere
A Year of Riddles gives you hundreds of classic riddles to solve.

+ 365 riddles - all accessible from the start
+ Intuitive interface - tap or drag letters to write the solution
by Banana Apps
* Awarded with best 'Educational Value' award for kids of age 0-5 by the magazine 'Education'

* Number 1 in the Kids-Educational category in more than nine countries. 

Welcome to...
by Dim Dim Sum App
Kiip enabled! Win real prizes while playing Classroom Jerk!

Receive real prizes from Kiip (US players only) by
a/Scoring 20 marks
b/Completing Homework Today in 5...
by Triple Creeks Studio
Enjoy the ‘Big Picture’ with Half Year! It displays a color-coded calendar with 6 months on one screen, so that you can quickly review your schedule at a glance. You can mark selected dates with...
by Borixo Ltd.
2014 Yearly horoscope included!

Read your daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes and a lot more :)
Ranked in the TOP 200 in over 15 countries worldwide. Thank you!
Horoscopes Plus is...
by Rosert und Scherer GbR
Engage in a challenging art quiz and guess the year a painting was created in.
All images are Hi-Res for you to enjoy on your Retina displays.

Years of Art HD features:
- 300...
by Carsten Wahl
This app shows the current 5 Year Ranking of the UEFA. It is always up to date and also provides additional statistics as well as the calculation and seeding rules.
by rise uP! Labs
Want to know how old you are?

Calculate your age in: Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, or even in Seconds.

- Attractive user interface for easy exploring
Ume is an 80-year-woman whose husband was killed in the war before she could discover the joys of womanhood. A virgin her whole life, she wakes up one morning to find herself 60 years younger!...