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by Xandu
The Animal Kingdom is back ! Teach your children the many sounds animals using this fun app. Just tap the image of the animal and the sound plays.

This app does NOT use your internet...
by AppYkay
SoundFX features 30 quality sounds (animals, siren, explosion, motor, laugh, applause...)
by Mobile Kingdom
A cool piano in 3D with realistic sounds, animations and shadows. Also the app includes other instrument sounds including guitar and sax.
by soft-evolution
It's interesting which sounds animals can create. WinAnimals is an easy and straight forward game for kids to learn animals and the sounds they make. Even adults will be fascinated by the sound of...
Tap Reversi Free is the FIRST and MOST DOWNLOADED version of Reversi (Othello) for Windows Phone 7. It's also the most BEAUTIFUL and CHALLENGING version you will ever find anywhere!

by DevKoval
- A very captivating game for those ones who loves animals.
- You will know more about animals, whom you like: which sounds they can make, where they live.
- Choose the right part of the...
by Learn in 10
Forest Sounds is an app for teaching kids animals sounds
by Anlock
“First Puzzles: Animal Kingdom” is the first Educational application for Windows 8 that contains 30 puzzles for children to improve their visual perception and develop fine motor skills (our lite...
by Prem Solutions
Great app for kids. Fun, entertaining and easy way to help kids learning basic animals.

Every animal has a picture, one short memorizable sentence and full description in Simple English....
by Ibraheem Osama Mohamed
Animals and Birds sound is an interactive educational and entertaining application that plays the animal or bird sounds once you click its picture. The animals and birds are grouped and sorted by...