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by Hodel
▶ Check your speed, on the go.◀▶km/h - mph - kn ◀

"Accurate, looks good and it's free. What's not to like? ... "
by nedorama


Did you ever want...
by Roberto Fraboni
Speed Alert helps you to know your speed and comply with speed limit.
Select speed value according to your way, choose the alarm sound you like and Speed Alert will kindly advice you, for the...
by Carlo Schiesaro
*** NEW Version 2.0! With Augmented Reality (In app purchase) ***

Have you ever felt that strange sensation of homesickness while on trip, maybe on the other side of the world?
by Hodel
How fast are you moving? Check your speed, on your way
- [km/h | mph | kn], HUD [Head up display], ACCELERATION - QUARTER MILE detection, Speed ALERT ...


by KuanCheng
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Carcorder is a professional app for recording your trips. It integrates video recording, GPS, routing, over speed warning and augmented reality into...
by Mark Locker
GPS Info for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, will display your:

- Location name
- Latitude
- Longitude
- Altitude
- Direction
- Speed

You can send an...
by Trytech Co.,Ltd.
MultiEDR is a Event Data Recorder App that starts recording by sensing a shock and records for 1 minute both before and after a shock. It saves on speed, distance and route during driving. It is...
by Chris Marquardt

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need an 18% grey card to use this app

PocketChris Incident Meter calculates the exposure time from two light measurements...
DS CarSpy to aplikacja umożliwiająca lokalizowanie i monitorowanie dowolnych pojazdów w czasie rzeczywistym poprzez wyświetlanie na mapie ich bieżącego położenia, prędkości, statusu i innych...
by Roth Company
Finally, software that takes the guesswork out of props and boat performance!

This software is an invaluable tool for anyone who owns, operates, or services boats or other marine craft. ...