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by Sparked Apps
Met Legal Intelligence zoekt u eenvoudig in alle juridische informatie: uit openbare bron, van uitgevers en indien gewenst uw eigen know-how. U bespaart tijd en vindt sneller de juiste informatie...
by MAKNiazi
A standardized test used to establish an intelligence level rating by measuring a subject's ability to form concepts, solve problems, acquire information, reason, and perform other intellectual...
by Thejdeep B
This application will provides the information about the top 10 intelligence agencies. This will be very interesting for users.
by chandrakanth
This app contains list of top 10 intelligence agencies in the world. i have represented particular agency country flag in the place of images. Users using this app will have some information...
by fillobotto
Forum Talks is a mobile community where you can share opinions with other users!
by Ghazanfar Khan
The life of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, was a life of grand success. In his high moral qualities, his spiritual power, his high resolve, the excellence and perfection of his teaching, his...
by Radionomy
Enjoy life with Radionomy radio stations!
Listen to a wide variety of unique radio stations: mainstream stations with every music genre available but also more specific styles such as salsa,...
by Arnold Vink
| Application Description
TimeMe is a Windows live tile application which shows the current time,
date, weather and optionally your current battery level all in one live tile,
the app...
by Chris Bordeman
According to chess master Emanuel Lasker: "The rules of Go are so elegant, organic, and rigorously logical that if intelligent life forms exist elsewhere in the universe, they almost certainly play...
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News360 gathers news articles and blog posts around the web and, by learning what you enjoy, brings you content that you’ll find interesting and important.

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