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by Kenji Kurata
This application helps for recording information of items which you buy during overseas trips.

This application convert price of items from foreign currency to your coutnry's...
See how much you're earning every second with this easy to use wage/pay tracking app. Just enter your pay rate, and whether it's per hour, day, or week and press start. Select stop to see...
by Patrick Giudicelli
This Free currency converter lets you convert currency exchange rates for 150 currencies.

List of Supported Currency:

AFA-Afghanistan Afghani
ALL-Albanian Lek...
by Patrick Giudicelli
This currency converter lets you convert currency exchange rates for 150 currencies.
You can add interbank, credit card or cash rates.
You can send The exchange rate by email.

by Free Offline Maps & Guides
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by Amarnath T
Currency Converter - Offline: Currency converter is a simple and cool application, which converts the currency value among the available currencies. The resultant currency rate will be cached...
by Prix Apps
World Currency Converter150 of currency exchange rates and the exchange rate lookup and calculation Comparison list \ n? Currency ConverterAED - UAE Dirham AFA - Afghanistan Afghani ALL - ALBANIAN...
Million Dollar Drop is the best multiplayer trivial game!!!

Players are presented with $1,000,000 U.S. in $20 bills, banded in 50 bundles of $20,000 each. They must risk the entire amount...
by Wittebrood Media
Information about and from Suriname.
Feeds from De Ware Tijd, Parbo, No, Waterkant and more.
by Netdev
This simple currency converter displays how much 1 dollar costs in any of the supported currencies.

The supported currencies includes all major currencies as well as the top 30 currencies...