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by Sean Vosen
Do you want to see and hear how to play the most important piano chords used in thousands of songs? Do you want to watch step-by-step piano lessons for your favorite piano songs in full HD? This is...
by Jonas Lindblom
An easy-to-use GPS recording application that lets you record, store, view and share GPS tracks and your current location. The recordings are displayed on maps directly within the app for maximum...
by Zètema Progetto Cultura s.r.l.
This application allows users to receive official news and updates, in Italian and English, about all our activities: (current and planned) exhibitions, events and educational visits hosted in the...
by Vivify Entertainment
To master learning a foreign language there is an obvious need to learn the words in that language too. WordLearner can help you with this. You can study English or Hungarian words with this app....
by David Chui
Pnotes is a simple app for managing and organizing "Personal" notes.

The app allows users to store and retrieve user IDs, passwords, secure questions, account numbers for Internet...
by Simon Auinger

Handy Spy Alert Pro

Detect when someone unlocks your iPhone.

Recommended alert system for iPhone.


1)START Spy...
by Akinori Takigawa

by Piero Sorrini
**** Download and try the FREE version (Lotto Checker Lite) before purchasing. If you have any questions on what is and is not supported, please email me before purchasing. ****

This app...
by Daniel Choi
Instantwatcher makes it easy to browse, search, and queue Netflix's instant streaming titles from your iPhone. This app also looks for matching YouTube clips and previews for you to watch right...
by Indiana University
by Ray Wisman and Kyle Forinash, Indiana University SE.

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Core-Plot used for plotting,...