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Test screening for windows in description

test your multi touch screen.
by Mehta Miraj
StressTest is an entertaining app which tries to detect your StressLevel via your device's touch screen or MousePointer.
It acts as a StressLevel sensor .
Just place your thumb or...
by JSAI Studios
**Level 3 has just been released! Get it in the market now by searching for "Stupid or Smart Test-Level 3". Level 3 brings with it many brain-twisting puzzles and boatloads of fun! Get it...
by LittlePuzzle
I just won’t tell you this is actually a medicine!
I just won’t tell you it cures all!
I just won’t tell you it heals clumsiness!
I just won’t tell you it’s addictive!
I just...
by InfinitiesLoop
Uh oh, Blue Screen of Death!

Update: Added 2 new screens!
Update: Now can run while the phone is locked!

This app simply shows a fake "BlueScreen of Death" similar to one seen...
by Arnold Vink
| Application Description
TimeMe is a Windows live tile application which shows the current time,
date, weather and optionally your current battery level all in one live tile,
the app...
by Pie Eating Ninja
With this game, you can test how many decimals of the number Pi you know.
The only thing you have to do, is enter the decimals. Do be aware that you only get 2 seconds to enter the next number....
by MDR Applications
10 different tools all in one app. Various tools and simple utilities designed for touch screens. Free 30 day trial.

Tools include a Stopwatch with lap time, Countdown with alarm, Ruler...
by Petrroll
Test your reflexes and chase the dott on the screen as fast as you can. (most fun on touchscreen device)

Your only goal is to tap on the doty 10 times (on easy) in the shortest time...
by apoelin
MetroMail brings a first-class Gmail experience to Windows 8. With support for Gmail-specific features such as archiving, label management, inbox categories, and much more, it offers a fast,...