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Magento sales notification utility developed by WeXo.
You need to fill a simple registration form to use it here: http://www.wexo.dk/apns/register.php
Never lose an important contact, never miss an important meeting! Never afraid to lose device!>>> For better productivity - combine with 2Remember:...
by RAZOR Web Design
E-Trade-Pacific is a online trading website where buyers from the Pacific Islands & around the world can buy & sell online.

- Listing items for sale in over 1000+...
by yoshikuni jujo
Lojban Gismu Thesaurushttp://www.lojban.org/tiki/Lojban+ThesaurusEvgeni Sklyanin's gismu thesaurus: TeX filehttp://www.lojban.org/tiki/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=119&download=y
Geo2Tag Tracker is a simple DEMO application which allows users to track their position. This application could be used for any purposes like: tracking kids/family, tracking cars, tracking your...
by Mithra Ltd.
This is restaurant App. from Cibo, to show to our customers, different features we can offer to F&B industry.

Graphics in this App. are standard graphics which are customised to customers...
by Exquance Software Oy
Xactvu is a business tool for professionals working in the commercial property market helping to update information about properties and premises on the go. Enter the property data into the...
by Cibo
The Most Advanced Android POS For Restaurants - with restaurant floor layout and advanced table booking, inventory features for restaurants.Only works with valid user name and password, to be able...
by Nelso Technology Pvt. Ltd.
GPS Vehicle Tracking System helps you to track your vehicle in real time from your mobile. So you can always monitor your vehicle movement like vehicle position, vehicle state(Start/Stop/Move),...
by schiefersoft

With "Here I am" you can send your position to your friends and you can view the positions of your friends on the WP7 Phone.
Furthermore, you can view...