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Tile placements in description

by Codito Development Inc.
Tigris & Euphrates is set in the ancient fertile crescent with players building civilizations through tile placement.

"I'd say the inner circle of [board game]...
by Neuronic Games
Assemble famous masterpieces with Skrambler, a jigsaw puzzle mindware for the iPad. Learn interesting facts about artists and their artwork while putting each piece in its place.

Unlike a...
by Rational Brothers LLC
Lines of Gold is an addictive and fun solo puzzle game designed specifically for iOS touch screens by world renowned game designer Reiner Knizia!!
Part steam driven slot machine, part intricate...
by babbleINK Ltd
Bunshō is nonsense! Bunshō is bonkers! Nonsense bonkers is the future!
Simply work out what ridiculous sentence is hidden in the grid by using the cryptic clue - It's that easy!

by Surje Software Solutions Inc.
Command the board with Land Slide, the colonization game created specifically for the ipad.

Play against a friend in the local multiplayer, or try your skill against the AI.

by Geoff Hom
Color Fever is a game involving strategy and chance. In this fun point-scoring tile-placement game, you will try to score as many points as you can. There are several ways to score: SOLID SCORING,...
by Techworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
‪Match Animals memory game is an interactive and highly addictive game for children of all ages. It contains a collection of animals custom drawn to attract attention of your kids. It has been...
by Avelio Systems Inc.
Crosshatch is a fun and challenging game of strategic territory control with the ultimate goal of creating an unbreakable Cross formation.

Each player draws a hand of 5...
by SKH Apps
Get all of the answers to popular word games.
Reads Words With Friends' boards and shows all answers.
Now view your opponent's rack and word options!
Easily solve any word game or...
by Byterun
Place tiles which have a number of pips that matches one of the exposed ends of the chain. If you have no such tiles you have to draw from the boneyard one tile at a time until new one may be...