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by Happylatte
Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer reaches 2 million downloads!

• Top #1 game in many countries, including the US
• Top 100 game in almost all countries around the world
• 14 years of...
by Ripstone Ltd
Fingers at the ready! Keep your nerve steady – it's sanitary insanity! **Now includes the frantic Blitz mode and two extra locations (Circus and Beach) previously only available as an in-app...
by Ripstone Ltd
Fingers at the ready! Keep your nerve steady – its sanitary insanity!

Take toilet gaming to a whole new level with this frantic line drawing game! Warning: contains punch in the face...
by IQ Soup
Impy is an enthralling cave-flyer unlike anything you've ever seen before! Perfect for short moments of free time. Some have called it the ultimate toilet game--your morning excretions will never...
by Riku Tamminen
FlyOff, the amazing toilet gaming experience.

-Two buttons to turn the missile.

-ALOT of explosions!

-Combos for scoring

-Increasing difficulty and...
by Fan Games Studios
HURRY UP!The soldier needs your help. Push yourself with the strength of your stomach and your farts dodging towers and eating fish to reach the toilet.Game Features:- Simple controls, click and...
by Miki Cai
It's time to get in rhythm and keep the guy on the toilet for as long as possible. His toilet score is being broadcast on TV, sweet sweet music, and it's your job to keep him going or it's an...
Toilet Cleaning Rush was removed
by Appollo X
Dusty Dots is the perfect toilet game. It's super addictive, fun but extremely annoying!

Just tap to spin and match the colors, and that's it!

It's so simple, that even your cat...
by GameiMax
Feel boring during toilet time? So get ready for the best toilet game and prepare yourself for unlimited entertainment! Enjoy 13 hilarious mini games that specially designed for killing toilet time!