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by edebe mobile
Now you can read them, listen to them, touch them…

Edebé presents a new series of tales and stories
to use with your iPhone or iPad in a...
by Robert Bosch GmbH
Site Measuring Camera

- Input of measured values (e.g. measures of length, angle etc.) directly into a picture
- Marking of specifics (wiring, connections, ventilation etc.) and...
by ForexMetal
Calculates value of one pip (percentage in point) for all popular currency pairs. A must have for any forex trader or anyone dealing in foreign currencies.
Spécialiste des plus-values immobilières depuis plus de 25 ans, la SARF (Société Accréditée de Représentation Fiscale) a conçu pour vous, l'application Plus-Values.

Destinée aux...
by Grab App
Easy navigation. All data in the tables. Short descriptions of the most common and important analyzes.
All values ​​are given with the international system of units. Some data in the...
by Garinet Media Network, LLC.
You already work hard but, is it enough? The Future Value of Money Mobile App, determines what your money can grow to, based on the amount of money you have today, the amount you plan to put away...
by Black Book
AMA Motorcycle Value Guide powered by Black Book

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to buying or selling a motorcycle, knowledge is also money. Don't leave money on the table--before...
by Fenlander Software Solutions Ltd
The ONLY app to have the Restaurant , Alcohol & Snack databases included in the price of the app!


Limited time offer of over 25% off !!

Database now...
by Christian Robert Gossain

The most intuitive, useful and simple to use Value Tracker on the App Store. Join the thousands who have lost weight with the help of MyScore...
by Joefrey Kibuule
★ Highest rated lab values app on iOS! ★
Pocket Lab Values is the perfect companion for health professionals with access to over 320 common and uncommon lab values.

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