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by APG Solutions LLC
Do you need to keep track of mileage for business, charitable, medical, moving or personal reasons but find paper logs are difficult to maintain? Well, Track My Mileage will make that process...
by Coatesoft
Mileage is a business, charitable trip, and medical trip tracking log.

Every business needs a way to keep track of miles driven for business purposes, and every person who itemizes...
by Matthew Whitmer
Vehicle log book. Track your vehicle costs, oil changes, maintenance, and gas mileage.

•Log vehicle maintenance and costs
•See monthly fuel efficiency averages and cost...
by AVAR Software
The simple yet powerful way to log your cycling workouts, set goals and view stats.

At a glance!
✓ Total mileage for the month
✓ Clear displays to track your progress
by Bryan Alger
Car Log is the one stop shop for tracking your vehicles' expenses. This app allows you to record and examine fuel economy, maintenance expenses, etc in a clean, fun-to-use...
by Simplovation LLC
Are you trying to loose weight? or, gain weight? If so, then Simple Weight Log will allow you to easily log and track metrics on your progress.

All compiled data is plotted on a graph to...
by AVAR Software
Beautifully optimized for Windows 8!

The simple yet powerful way to keep track of your running!

At a glance!
✓ Total distance and time
✓ Quick statistics - average...
by BetsySoft
Mileage Recorder is a simple to use app designed to quickly record your gasoline fills and calculate mileage. It is simple to use. It uses an on-screen number pad to record Odometer, Fuel and Cost....
by Divinglog
You're a scuba diver and want to log your dives on your tablet or PC? Then Diving Log is the right app for you! You can leave your handwritten paper logbook safely at home and still access all your...
by Helix Ten
Experience the magical ambience of a real glowing fireplace that is sure to warm up any room. Yule Log features pristine high definition fireplace footage, sounds of the crackling fire,...