Web Use For Windows Apps

Web use for windows in description

by Digital Cloud Technologies LLC
Enjoying online videos? Here you go MKV Player Web, that let you in EASY and COMFORTABLE way watching MKV media files from Internet. Just paste link and ENJOY. Watching videos and movies with MKV...
by Metia Ltd
Perfect for anyone who needs to monitor the traffic visiting their website, Modern Web Analytics presents your latest Google Analytics data within a beautifully designed Microsoft Windows 8...
by "Anand Prakash"
This app contains tutorials of web development language HTML5 .The tutorials are divided according to the chapters.
by 240 Degrees
RSS feeds provide information that is immediately updated the second it is published! Easily accessible via a single touch of an icon on any Windows 8 device… Stay up to date with the latest news...
by omar.delvalle
Convert any web page to PDF or IMAGE in easy steps!
by LEAD Technologies, Inc.
The LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer is a zero footprint solution for viewing DICOM Images with Window Level, Stack, annotations/markup and multi touch support for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop.
This is...
by ThePlaymatE
Web Engine allows you to render your PHP code on the go. You can use built-in PHP snippets provided in the app. You can create dynamic website without opening a web browser and switching between...
by The Next Web
The Next Web Windows 8 application. International technology news, business and culture.
by kavya,sindhura
this is a game where we have to fill the boxes with the appropriate word by using the given hint. Once we fill all the boxes the level will be finished and the time of completion will be displayed.
The application has two tabs: Proxy and No proxy. Proxy allows you to visit websites through the configured Proxy server. The application does not collect any information about users what!