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by sparebytes.com

"Pet Playpen, created by Sparebytes.com, is a really cute, highly interactive virtual pet application."

9 out of 10 (Editor's...
by arktis.de
Perfect Dog Whistle for everybody! It works, very amazing! Push your iPhone or iPod touch display to activate or breath directly in your iPhone or iPod touch!

In this App you will find...
by Mobeezio, Inc.
As seen on TV and now with over 15 million Dog Whistler users!

** Consistently the most popular & best selling dog whistle application in the app store! **

The original dog...
by iCandi Apps
My Cat Whistle - The Perfect Way to Attract Your Cat!

Ever wish you didn't have to draw attention to yourself by saying silly names or making silly noises at the front door, as you try and...
by ShaneB
the Dog Whistle PRO! is great for many uses with your pets!

- Assist with training of your dog!
- Stop your dog from barking!
- Get the attention of your pet!
- This...
by Pocketkai
Dogs react on high tones. Train your dog on a certain frequency. You can adjust a frequency from 1.000 Hz to 14.000 Hz.
Indeed some dog breeds can be trained with various...
by iCandi Apps
My Dog Whistle - The Perfect Way to Attract Your Dog!

Ever wish you didn't have to draw attention to yourself by whistling. Or do you forget to take the dog whistle out with...
by Hunter Davis
Super Whistle is a fast and effective whistle app for the Android. Culminating the lessons learned from my mega popular "easy whistle" series of Android apps, Super Whistle is a...
by James Greer
Pet Snap! is the best thing since pet treats! Have you ever tried to get that ONE photo of your furry friend, but they just won't cooperate? With Pet Snap! those days are over!

by Cookie Balloon
The ultimate sound app! Play 300 awesome HIGH quality sound effects with big buttons! Annoy your family, scare your friends, confuse your pets!

NOBODY has as many high quality sounds as...