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Wrong tile in description

by Pradeep Chelani
Some games are easy to play but difficult to master. Game rule is very simple that you have touch the tiles whose color is same as outside Grid color.

Game has 3 different modes:
by Gururaj T
Color Tile - Don't hit wrong tiles

• Multiplayer mode
• Endless game play
• Colourful Tiles
• Accurate physics
• Ultimate piano keys music
• Tap to move on - easy game...
by TV-GameDesign
Touch the icons / patterns that appear in the given time and finish the currently 20 levels. The higher the score, the more patterns will be, and the more difficult it becomes.Helps to increase the...
by Unliwebs
1 second is fast but what can you achieve in half a second? 500MS challenges your brain to stay focused and alert. Playing this game is easy. It just takes a tap, but beware of time and...
by G4Next
We have improved the smoothness and performance of this #1 type trivia games.

The Arcade mode is so amazing, Challenge it!

We will keep improving our game, more features are...
by Dominik Warszewski
Great game for everyone! With more colors than ever! All you have to do is avoid taps on the not colored tiles. Sound easy for you? Give it a try!
by Pearl Fisher Games
For fans of Tetris and other great puzzle games we present Blyx!
New and Noteworthy in US Apple Store
"... very visually stimulating." - Appmodo
Blyx comes from a universe that is...
by CiRE software
Who are you? Who are you playing with?? Where is the BOMB???
Battle Minesweeper is a fun and exciting game for anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is the 1st minesweeper app with...
Test your pattern matching skills in this simple yet addictive game!

At the start of each game, you are presented with a new random pattern.
Race against the clock to build a matching...
by Roland Machaalani
Flip2Green is a puzzle-logic game for people of all ages, and will provide you with hours of fun as you try to flip all the red tiles to green in as few moves possible.

The fewer moves you...