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■ 键入一个词和搜索许多英语- 中文字典同时进行。
■ 鍵入一個詞和搜索許多英語- 中文字典同時進行。

■ Type in a word and Search many English - Chinese Dictionaries simultaneously.

■ English ⇔ Chinese, 英汉汉英
- Bing...
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- 中、英、日、韩、法多语种查词
- 即时免费的中英全文翻译
- 中英本地词库
- 详尽的网络释义
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SunSi appearance, is a famous ancient Chinese medical experts, also is the living practitioners. Legend he lived to age 141 to XianYou, over years old of time when seeing, what beauty le, it may be...
■ 모든 중국어 사전 검색
■ 편리한 히스토리, 단어장 기능

■ 아래 사전 검색을 지원합니다.
-中韩, 韩中, 國語 : 네이버 중국어, 네이버 한자, 다음
-中英, 英中 : Bing, Dict, Youdao, Nciku

※ 아이폰 설정에서 "중국어 간체/번체 필기" 키보드를 추가하여 사용하시면 한자...
Need the Arabic dictionary ?

Congratulations you find the Gamoos Arabic dictionary software , it is your mobile software that you need it.

The Gamoos Arabic dictionary software ...
■ 键入一个词和搜索许多英语- 汉语典同时进行。 ■ 鍵入一個詞和搜索許多英語- 中語典同時進行。 ■ 英汉, 汉英- Bing- Youdao- iciba- nciku- HJ- Baidu■ 英英- Urban- - Merriam-Webster- Cobuild Dictionary -...
■ 输入一个字,搜索很多韩汉词典同时进行。■ 韩汉汉韩词典, Korean ⇔ Chinese- Naver- Daum- Nate- CidianWang- Youdao- HJDict
by DictCN is the first Internet dictionary in China. It boasts hundreds of millions of users and features the fullest varieties of dictionaries, the largest bank of vocabulary and the most detailed...