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Your performance level in description

by Rodale-Motor-Presse GmbH & Co. KG
***NEW: Control the app with Magellan's new Echo Smart watch***

► The Men's Health Fitness-Trainer is your mobile fitness expert and will help you achieve your personal training goals....
by Antonio Xu
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Hints: You just need to pass 5 levels of each line (each 7 levels) to make higher levels available to play. That means you can go back to menu->level...
by Astra Yacht
esa Regatta (easy sailing assistance) is a revolutionary instrument which support sailors in monitoring and getting the best performances of their sailing boats, both in regatta and...
by Lorenz Jung
SportZones is the ultimate trainings software, individually designed for iPad / iPhone for Polar and Garmin. (Polar ProTrainer 5, and

*NOT for...
by Nico Friedrich
Real guys, attention please! Thank you for all your requests and valuable advices. We appreciate them and are happy to present you Calistix PushUps Pro for a targeted training of your chest, arm...
by Robert Frederick
Create your own super program or use one of the built in programs

* 531
* SL 5x5
* SS
* Upper/Lower Split
* Madcow 5x5
* Big Six

Make Multi-Year...
by Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG
Do you plan, design, build or operate machines/systems within the application framework of the European Machine Directive?

Then this App is a useful tool to give you an overview on how...
by iPerformance Psychology, LLC
iPerformance Psychology is the world's most advanced sport and performance psychology app. Developed by Dr. Steve Portenga, the sport and performance psychologist for the USA Track and Field Team....
by Healthpath
HMT is a suite of evaluation indices and tools for the medical community.

HMT offers health professionals, medical organizations, and public institutions a professional tool that is...
by Channel Capital, LLC
This app is used for performance anxiety or general stress. In less than one minute your attention is gently guided for better focus and awareness. Use it throughout the day to expand your mental...