Yue Shi Apps

Yue shi in description

by Zhou Weicheng
Nearly All the famous Chinese Classic Music are included in the App:
1# Top 10 Classic Music
High Mountains and Flowing Water
Plum Blossom Melodies
Flutes and Drums at Dusk
The Baduanjin (simplified Chinese: 八段锦气功; traditional Chinese: 八段錦氣功) is one of the most common forms of Chinese qigong used as exercise. Variously translated as Eight Pieces of Brocade, Eight...
by The Code Zone
Shi Sen is a unique tile matching game played with Mah Jongg tiles. You must eliminate tiles by finding matches, but you can only remove matching tiles if they can connect with three or fewer lines...
by Brandon Johnson
iUrinal - Shy Bladder App is the number one app created to help men overcome their shy bladder syndrome, also known as paruresis.If you are reading this then more than likely you suffer from a...
Most Chinese characters consist of components that represent physical things. This app uses animations to teach 88 Chinese characters that are components in many other Chinese characters. Mastering...
by Yuly Pisinberg
Want to pee but can't?Feel the urge to go, but it just won't flow?Shy Pee is here for your assistance - just start the app and listen to the amazing sound of nature's relieve - and...
by shinichi tanimoto
This is the application of the image character "Zu-shi Hocky" of Hokkaido Hokuto City in Japan.

A photograph and an image character are compoundable.

Copyright 2013 Hokkaido...
by Busy Bee Studios
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Kids read, listen, touch, play and interact with Ben as he tries to help his monster Gurk overcome his shyness, teaching him that sometimes it...
by Chenglin Xu
Flappy your wings,a shy bird.
Familiar with her, you can fly farther...

> Collect, save your bird.
> Pay attention any obstacles,hold on.
> Game Center...
by Ismael Medrano
The Sheeple are Shy

There is something other than the glow of your electronics that surrounds you.

Just there. In your periphery. Can you...