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by 4us
Featuring the same arrow keys as well-received Easy Mailer series - You can type URL easier with a QWERTY keyboard with the original extended keys!

*Arrow Keys and other Keys work ONLY...
by 4us
Featuring the same keyboard as well-received 1HandMailer series - You can type URL easier with one-hand!

(*This version does not work on iPad)

If you like this, please try our...
by 4us
Same as mobile phone input!

If you like type as mobile phone keys, please try this.

When you like this app, please download Phone Pad Mail Keyboard.

We made this app who...
by IBMobile Software
Diese App verkürzt Ihre langen URLs. Dadurch erhalten Sie eine kurze Webadresse auf iHo.me (sprich: iHome) , wie www.iho.me/book oder www.iho.me/xcode. Neben den üblichen Features können Sie sich...
by All Pro Apps Corporation
Facebook ME!!! For FREE!!!
****Send your Facebook Link****
To friends and people you meet!
****Via Text or Email****
****Easy and Fast to use*****

How many times have...
by Piet Jonas
Entering URLs isn't really fun. Most of the time only the domain name varies while the rest consists of standard parts with a lot of special characters which are error prone to enter....
by Ulrich Singer
Ever got tired of fiddling around to copy URLs out of larger text bodies? URL Extractor to the rescue! Now, you just copy the whole text, in any app, and URL Extractor will do the menial work of...
by 4us
1Hand Keyboard URL List Free - You can type URL easier and faster with one-hand!

1Hand Mailer series with same 1Hand keyboard also available!

*Please note this keyboard appears...
by Unicorn Multimedia
iShorten is a cheap and user friendly URL Shortener for iPhone.

Features Include:

- Shortening URL's

- A choice of 11 different shorteners.

- Copy the...
by George Jones
The URL Melter app allows you to shorten long web addresses using Penguin George's URL shortener service.

Shorten URLs -
Simply enter a long web address in to the text box and press...