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by MochaSoft
Mocha Telnet provides access to a Linux/UNIX Telnet Server. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can connect to a Telnet Server and run applications in a VT220 Terminal window. Exactly as you would, if...
by SoftGames
*** BEST UnZip/UnRAR tool for iOS7 ***
UnZip / UnRAR files from other applications such as:

> In Mail: long press attachment
> In...
by Martin Gimpl
When daring space cadet Zip and his trusty spaceship Alice get hit by a stray asteroid in a remote area of the galaxy, their adventures take an unfortunate turn. Help Zip run, fly, and dodge his...
by Sebastien BUET
With Zip&Unzip you'll finally be able to import files from other apps, zip them, unzip them, view them, and share them by email or with other apps.
Zip&Unzip lets you unzip any zipped file and...
by Ivan Genchev
You can now open and decompress your zipped email attachments in iFTPStorage.

Starting from v2.0 you can also upload and download files trough iTunes for faster transfer...
by NF/T.Watanabe
You can display the following items:
• Directory
• iWork documents
• Microsoft Office documents (Office ‘97 and newer)
• Rich Text Format (RTF) documents
• PDF files
by Appurpose Studio
Open zip files from mail, safari or other apps and unzip it!

1. Multi-level folder supported, you can create folders & subfolders in “Zip Manager”, conveniently manage your...
by Eliza Li
Need to send multiple images or videos in one email?

Zip & Send does exactly this for you!

-- Features --

- Browse photos and videos to select the ones you want to...
iScan Doc Pro let's you scan documents of any nature on the go and store them as if you would have done it on a regular computer scanner keeping each document with the following...
by Appurpose Studio

1.Extract .zip, .rar, .cbr, .7z files from Dropbox, mail, safari or some other apps that supported open-in feature.
2.Supports extracting...